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Bringing Communities Together

By Arnie Stefaniuk Your neighbours have the potential to be lifelong friends—if you take the time to get to know them. Our lives are increasingly busy, between work and personal commitments, and it’s easy to become isolated from those around you. For many, there seems to be a nostalgic attraction to the idea of a…

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The "Best of Calgary" spots in northwest Calgary

Every year, the “Best of Calgary” survey asks Calgarians to weigh in on their favourite shopping spots, entertainment venues and people in Calgary. It’s a chance for us to celebrate some of the great local businesses and people in our city.

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Three communities that deserve to be 'Calgary's Best'

Recently, Avenue Magazine released their 2017 Calgary’s Best Neighbourhoods List, which is an annual ranking of the city’s communities. Because these rankings are based on City of Calgary census data, market research and surveys, brand new communities don’t make the cut because there’s not enough data to work with yet.

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