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A look at how infrastructure gets built in our city

Infrastructure is the fundamental facilities and systems that serve the City of Calgary (and other municipalities). Calgary, as you probably know, needs constant investment in new infrastructure as well as the replacement of older and damaged infrastructure. Funding the growth and maintenance of infrastructure is a concept that should be understood by all taxpaying citizens…

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Why suburbs are perfect for families

When it comes to searching for the perfect community for your family, you have a lot of choices. In a city as big as Calgary, and as fast-growing as Airdrie, there’s literally hundreds of options when it comes to neighbourhoods. The great debate continues to go on—suburban versus urban, but which is really right for…

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Stats on Calgary's Community Engagement

Every year, the City of Calgary conducts a survey which polls Calgarians on their overall quality of life, as well as their level of satisfaction with City services. The results of the Citizen Satisfaction Survey are used to provide valuable insights on community and citizen engagement in Calgary.

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