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Construction Update: The Brownstones

Time really flies when you’re making progress! Another week by, and more updates to bring those awaiting their new home in The Brownstones at Sage Meadows. Here’s where our crews are at in the construction phase:

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Going Green in 2015: Increasing Energy-Efficiency

Did you resolve to be a little kinder to the environment this year? To your home? To your wallet? Going greener in 2015 by making some easy choices for increased energy-efficiency, can help you accomplish all of these goals simultaneously. Here’s some easy ways to conserve energy at home, and put money back in your…

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Fill Up your Empty Bedroom and Creative Message Boards

My bedroom seems very vacant. I have a King sized bed and there is a lot of space for more furniture. I don’t want a desk in my bedroom, but another functional area would be welcome. Could you suggest a solution? (my style is very traditional) –Tyler, Okotoks 

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