Builder Partners in Logan Landing

Discover which Calgary homebuilders will be making their mark in our new southeast Calgary community.

Development of Logan Landing has been moving at a steady pace since the Genesis Land team officially broke ground last July. From its location along the Bow River Valley to its multitude of amenities and green spaces, there are many, many reasons to be excited about this new southeast Calgary community.

Here’s another reason: we’ve assembled a group of highly distinguished, highly experienced builder partners to bring their finely crafted homes to Logan Landing.

In this Q&A, Brian Whitwell, Senior Vice President of Asset Management at Genesis Land, gives us a closer look at who these builders are, why they were chosen, and the selection of products they’ll be contributing to the community.

Q. When it comes to choosing home builders for a certain community, what does the Genesis Land team look for?

I would say our criteria is quite simple. We look for top-of-market builders who are proficient in building and selling houses. We also look for companies who share similar values to Genesis Land, and who enjoy creating communities as much as we do.

Q. Which companies will be building and selling homes in Logan Landing?

We’ve chosen four builders, and they include Cedarglen Homes, Genesis Builders Group, Partners Homes and Sterling Homes. We have a long history with Genesis Builders Group, of course, but the other three partners we’re bringing in are relatively new to Genesis Land communities. Partners Homes and Sterling Homes have a short history with us, each having built in one previous community, and Cedarglen Homes is a brand-new partner. All four builders are deeply experienced and highly skilled. They all know what it takes to start building in a new community.

Q. How do you determine what sort of product will be included in a new community?

There are all kinds of combinations for how to come to the optimum mix. Many things influence these decisions, including demographic trends, the physical traits of the land, the road networks, the types of amenities, and the policy and regulation requirements from the City of Calgary. We also look at the types of homes in neighbouring communities, and from there we’ll determine whether we want to build something similar or take a contrarian approach and provide a product that’s not available yet in the area.

Q. What sort of product can we expect for Logan Landing?

There will be a nice balance. Partners Homes is going to build side-by-side product, while Sterling and Cedarglen are going to build single-family homes, including front and laned products. Genesis Builders Group will build all of our townhouse products, as well as some side-by-side and single-family homes.

Q. When will home building get underway in Logan Landing?

Our builder partners are currently getting up to speed with our architectural controls; they’re getting designs in for pre-approval and planning their show homes. We’re close to releasing some of the initial building permits, which means construction of the show homes and some inventory and spec product will start very soon, with the aim of late fall for show home openings.

Q. How do you think each of these builder partners will help to enhance and support the overall vision of the community?

All four of our home builders in Logan Landing know what a special place this will be—the location, the amenities, the park space, the access to the Bow River. They know this is one of Genesis Land’s prized possessions because they can see the care and attention we’re putting into the community. We’re very confident that the builder groups will take advantage of all that Logan Landing has to offer and create a great community.

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