Cleaning Up After the Summer Snowstorm

A heavy snowfall wasn’t just a headache for Calgarians who weren’t quite done with summer, the storm has caused a lot of property damage, power outages and delays/closures as well. So now that a melt is finally on the horizon, how do you cleanup after the storm?

Reporting Snow-Related Emergencies

  • The City of Calgary is stressing that nobody call Enmax to report power outages, as they are aware of the situation and working diligently to repair these issues. Follow Enmax or City of Calgary on Twitter for instant updates.
  • Call 9-1-1 only if power lines are sparking on the ground or debris/trees are trapping someone.
  • Call 3-1-1 to report trees leaning on power lines, or trees fallen on roadways, vehicles or homes.

Dealing With Tree Debris

  • All three City landfills (Shepard, Spyhill and East Calgary) are accepting tree debris from the snowstorm at no charge until further notice. You are asked to verify when you arrive at the landfill that you are bringing storm debris and not mix it with any other waste material.
  • Calgarians can also cut tree debris into 4-foot pieces and stack them beside their waste and recycling carts to be picked up with regular collection (regular pickup may be delayed due to the storm).
  • Remember not to put tree debris in your blue, green or black carts to avoid damage and to keep pickups on schedule.

For more information on cleaning up after the snowstorm, check out the City of Calgary website. A reminder to stay safe when cleaning up tree debris and help out your neighbours in need as well.