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Recipe for success: 3 tips to help you meet your fitness goals this year

Fall is here, and with it comes a sense of renewal. For some it means getting back to the office, back to school, and back to a regular schedule. In fitness we often say September is the new January, it’s a natural time to set new goals as we settle into a steady routine.

If you are like me, you’re ready to hit reset this fall and jump into a fitness goal with a renewed sense of purpose. Whether you’re preparing for an in-person race, looking forward to a virtual challenge, or excited to commit to a fitness routine, fall is the perfect time to dive in. Before you do, check out these simple tips to guarantee success in your fall goals!

Planning makes perfect
Every successful goal starts with a plan, and the more detailed the better! Once you have a goal in mind, start to think about what you will need to get to the end result, like:
Gear – Running shoes, a steps/ distance/ heart rate tracking watch, etc.
Advice from an expert – This could look like finding a pre-written couch-to-5km plan online, hiring a personal trainer, or asking your favorite group class coach from Genesis Centre or Genesis Place for their suggestions.
Schedule – Make sure your plan takes into account your schedule, if your goal is to workout every day but you have to take the kids to dance practice on Mondays and Wednesdays… plan instead to workout Tuesday/ Thursday with Friday as a rest day!
Resources – Use nearby amenities to help you achieve your goals! Community pathways, tennis courts or an outdoor gym (check out our favourite park in Bayview) remove any cost barrier to your fitness routine. Facilities like the Genesis Centre or Genesis Place are also great places to use that are indoors and have qualified instructors to help.
Stay realistic
Often I see clients charge into a goal at 100 miles an hour only to end up burning out by week two. Instead, think about breaking your goal down into small, digestible steps. Keep in mind your schedule, responsibilities and what you truly have time to commit to. And if you need help, ask for it – the trainers at Genesis Centre and Genesis Place are a great place to start.

Have fun!
Choose a goal you actually want to accomplish. Sounds obvious, I know, but make sure you will have fun in the process as well as at the end result. I find one of the best ways to ensure a good time while working towards a goal is to do it with a friend. Set up a weekly meet up with friends to go for a walk, do a fitness class, etc. And, when friends aren’t free to sweat it out with you, make sure you’ve got a great playlist to keep you motivated (like the one I’ve made for you below!).

Whatever your fitness goals are this fall, by making a detailed plan, getting realistic with your strategy and remembering to have fun along the way you’re sure to accomplish anything you put your mind to!

Join me in Bayview Park Saturday September 18th @ 2:00pm for a special FREE Fitness Class to get you started!

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