Funding opportunities available for Airdrie communities

Airdrie community organizations can now apply for a funding boost, thanks to an increase to the Family and Community Support Services Funding (FCSS) fund. A $10-million increase to the fund was announced late last year, courtesy of the NDP government. The FCSS program provides funds to organizations that offer community initiatives, like support services for children, parent-child development and counselling services (to name a few).

The City of Airdrie’s portion of this increase is just over $391,000, which is great news for local organizations with community-driven initiatives, who can now apply for much-needed funds this year.

“There’s a gap in social data around some of those social needs that will help our FCSS agencies build their programs,” said Clay Aragon, social planner with the City of Airdrie. “The other component is to use it again for innovative projects and capacity building, for FCSS agencies to develop their capacities long-term.” [Airdrie City View]

In addition to helping out some worthy community organizations in Airdrie, the City says this extra boost will also help them learn what the social needs of the community are. It’s a win-win for Airdrie and its residents!
What organizations are eligible to apply? 

  • Services that promote the social development of children and their families
  • Services that enrich and strengthen family life by developing skills in people to function more effectively within their own environment
  • Services that enhance the quality of life of the retired and semi-retired
  • Services designed to promote, encourage and support volunteer work in the community
  • Services designed to inform the public of available services

Organizations must use the money this year, and projects must fall within FCSS funding rules. The deadline for applying is February 19, 2016, and funding recommendations will be presented to Airdrie City Council in March. Clay Aragon, the City of Airdrie Social Planner, says interested applicants are welcome to contact him directly for help with the process: 403.948.8800 extension #8457.