How to Have a 'Green' Christmas

The City of Calgary is hoping Calgarians will be a little more eco-friendly this holiday season, by offering some tips for hosting a Christmas that’s environmentally-friendly this year.

“There are many simple green actions Calgarians can take that lessen our impact on the environment while keeping the fun and excitement of the season.” — Claire Beckstead, corporate environmental specialist, City of Calgary
Use energy-efficient lighting: a big suggestion the City offers is to cut back on the number of lights you use this year, or switch to LED lighting. Alternatively, you can be careful with your lighting time, and turn off your lights when you’re not in the room or don’t really need them on.
Turn down the heat: when your cooking your big holiday feast, or have a room full of party guests, turn down your thermostat. The extra people and warmth from the kitchen will do an ample job of heating up your home without spending energy (and money).
Share transportation: with lots of holiday shopping and events, there’s a lot of increased traffic on the roads and that’s bad news for our air quality. Try carpooling, or opt for public transportation, cabs or walking.
Go local: foods and gifts from afar have a large carbon footprint, so consider choosing local grocers and businesses. Plus, you’ll be supporting local business and helping out your city and community. You may also want to choose local non-profits or charities if you’re giving back in various ways this holiday season–help out at home!
Wrap wisely: try wrapping presents in reusable materials like towels or blankets. If you’re going with traditional routes, make sure you choose paper and not metallics or foils which can’t be recycled.
From everyone at Genesis Land Corporation, we wish you and your family a very safe and happy holiday!