How to incorporate Halloween into your home decor

Halloween is just over a week away, and whether you like to go all out with spooky decorations, or are looking for subtle inspiration for the occasion, you’ve still got to time to incorporate Halloween into your home decor. From easy to expert, here’s how to give your home some Halloween flair:

  • Decorate with candy: you’ll likely be stocking up on sweet treats for next weekend anyways, so why not put that candy to good use? Try using candy for subtle Halloween decor, like this idea we found on Pinterest, which uses candy corn to line a candle holder.
  • Use your pumpkins: instead of carving up all your pumpkins, use them for your Halloween-themed party. Try drilling holes in one to hold lollipops, or shell one out and use it as a cooler for drinks (see how here).
  • Use mason jars: these are a DIY-ers best friends, and you can use them for this ghoulish day too. Try painting them or wrapping them up like mummies to be filled with candles (as per this Pinterest idea).
  • Scary photos: for a spooky upgrade, switch your family photos and frame scary pictures. You can print your own, or buy some for your favourite Halloween store.
  • Use orange and black: the simple way to incorporate Halloween into your home is to bring in lots of orange and black. Switch up your pillows, bring in some coloured decorations, use orange balloons, etc. Almost anything can be swapped for orange and black in your home.
  • Painted pumpkins: the big trend in Halloween and fall decor this year is no-carve, painted pumpkins. A no-mess, and creative alternative to the traditional Jack-o-lantern, you can turn a pumpkin into anything you dream up. Need a little inspiration? There are hundreds of great pumpkin painting ideas we found on Pinterest.
  • Halloween prints: a subtle and sneakily spooky way to bring Halloween home, is to use printed quotes or photos. Whether you’re creating gift bags, decorating for a party of just getting your home into the spirit of Halloween, there are hundreds of free printables online.

If you’re not much of a do-it-yourselfer or are looking for traditional Halloween decor, there are several pop-up Halloween shops around Calgary and Airdrie; check out Halloween Alley or Spirit Halloween. If you’re looking for even more Halloween inspiration, Pinterest is a gold mine for ideas, so be sure to check it out.
And be sure to check out our tips for staying safe this Halloween. You can share your Halloween home pictures with us on Twitter too!