How to show some kindness to your neighbours

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day, and who better to show some kindness to, than your neighbours? Whether long-time community residents, or the new people on the block, being on good terms with your neighbours has more benefits beyond making friends. A good relationship with neighbours leads to safer communities, friendlier neighbourhoods and creates a comfortable environment for everyone. Here’s some tips for showing some kindness to your neighbours:

  • Introduce yourself to new neighbours: do you remember what it was like when you moved into your neighbourhood? It can be intimidating for new homeowners, especially single buyers and those with kids to not know anyone in their community. Take the first step and say hello.
  • Share neighbourhood safety information: give your new neighbours a list of of all the neighbourhood contacts they need to ensure a safe homecoming for their family: block parents, community centres, first responders, etc.
  • Create a free little library: if you’re not familiar with free little libraries, they are open miniature libraries in communities or on front lawns that promote the “take a book, leave a book” notion. It’s a great addition to a community, and promotes connectivity and literacy as well. Consider putting up a free little library to show your neighbours and neighbourhood some love. More information can be found online here.
  • Offer to help out: if you know your neighbours are going out of town, offer to feed their pets or water their flowers. Perhaps you have an older child who can babysit for them? Invite them to take part in your upcoming garage sale, and offer to invite them over for a coffee once in awhile.
  • Shovel snow for a neighbour: while the weather looks to be cooperating for us this week, you can always show some kindness to neighbours by offering to shovel their walkway or driveway for them, or perhaps offer to help out come springtime with yard maintenance.
  • Clean up graffiti: clean up the graffiti in your neighbourhood, and if you gather up some neighbours to help you, this might turn into a great day of getting to know them better as well.
  • Offer a ride: people have busy lives, consider offering to drive a neighbour or their kids to work, school or another activity that could help free up some time.
  • Help someone move: moving is hard work, why not start off on a good foot by getting a few people from the community together to help your new neighbours move in? The work will get done quicker, and you’ll have more time to get to know the new folks on the block.

For even more kindness ideas, visit the Random Acts of Kindness website. How are you showing your neighbours kindness this week? Share with us on Twitter!