Paddleboarding Tips for Beginners

The countdown to summer is on! There is nothing better than spending time outside, getting active and having fun with your friends and family. One of our favourite summer activities is stand up paddle boarding (SUP). It’s a fun way to get around on the water and is a great full-body workout.

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If you’ve never been paddle boarding before it might look intimidating; trying to balance while also paddling! But once you find your balance and get the hang of coordinating the paddle while standing, you’ll have a ton of fun!

These are some tips to get you started:

  • To get on the board, stand beside it in knee deep water and hold on to the edges of the board with both your hands. Work your way onto the board on your knees.
  • To stand up, keep your hands on the sides on the board to stabilize it. Start with one knee and replace it with your foot before doing the same with the other leg. Stand up slowly moving your chest up first and then straightening your legs.
  • Once you’re up, position your feet so they are parallel, about hip-width distance apart, and centered between the edges of the board.
  • Keep your toes pointed forward, knees slightly bent and your back straight.
  • Your gaze should be level at the horizon. Avoid staring at your feet.
  • Slowly put the paddle in the water and maintain balance on both your feet to stay stable.

If you’re looking for places to paddleboard in and around Calgary + Airdrie, these are some of our fave spots:

  • Carburn Park, Calgary
  • Bowness Lagoon, Calgary
  • Chestermere Lake, Chestermere
  • Ghost Reservoir Provincial Recreation Area (15 minutes west of Cochrane)

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