Tips for Conserving Energy in a Heat Wave

With the hot temperatures continuing in Calgary and area, Albertans are being asked to conserve energy as electrical systems are operating near full capacity. The hot weather is causing a surge in power usage as Calgarians try to cool down at home, but too much power usage could cause an outage.

The Alberta Electrical System Operator (AESO) says that systems are experiencing very high demand, and although they are not at full capacity yet, they are getting close and are being monitored closely.
Here are some tips for conserving energy and staying cool during hot weather:

  • Close blinds and window coverings during the daytime to prevent sunlight from heating up your home.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water (did you know as much as 30% of energy usage for a washer goes towards heating the water?)
  • Setup a clothesline and dry your clothes outdoors. If you need to use a dryer, throw a large dry towel into the load. The towel will absorb a lot of moisture from the clothes, thus cutting drying time.
  • Put your barbecue to use and cook outdoors as much as possible. Stoves and ovens are a major source of heat inside homes on hot days.
  • If you need to run appliances, run them off peak hours (after 7 pm).
  • Turn off unnecessary electronics and appliances (computers not in use, etc.)
  • Minimize the use of air conditioners, or opt for a stand-alone fan instead.

If you’re looking for updates on the power situation in our province and city, you can follow the AESO on Twitter for updates and more tips on energy conservation.