A Closer Look at Bayview’s Newest Phase

Find out what to expect from Phase 6 of this popular Airdrie community.

As 2023 draws to a close, the Genesis Land team is excited to shine a spotlight on the progress we’ve made this year in one of our most beloved Airdrie communities—Bayview.

“Bayview is such a special community,” says Dan Pochapsky, a development manager here at Genesis Land. “It’s accessible, pedestrian-friendly, family-oriented and abundant in amenities and natural spaces, including proximity to the canal system, which really makes it stand out.”

Since its grand opening in 2017, Bayview has grown and developed in carefully planned phases, becoming increasingly vibrant and connected with the completion of each new phase. Over the course of this year, the Genesis Land team (in conjunction with various partners) has been working hard on Phase 6, which, according to Pochapsky, is Bayview’s largest phase yet.

“We got started quite early this year, so construction is mostly completed,” he says. “That means deep utility services are in place, the roads are paved, and our builder partners are beginning to get the show homes ready.”

Here, Pochapsky shares some fun facts about Phase 6 and highlights what prospective homebuyers can expect from this exciting new section of Bayview.

It’s got an accessible, pirate-themed playground

Bayview is widely known and loved for its many pathways, parks and play areas. Now, as Phase 6 comes together, a new, inclusive playground has joined the community’s roster—and it’s pirate-themed. “The play structure at the park is basically a pirate ship,” says Pochapsky. “It has binoculars and other pirate accessories, and when you stand on it, you see the canals, which allows you to imagine you’re on a ship that looks out at the water.”

This theme is carried throughout the playground, right down to the wheelchair-friendly rubber surfacing, which is coloured and patterned to resemble ocean waves. “We really wanted to create a sense of wonder with this park, a sense of play,” Pochapsky explains.

It’s increasing connectivity throughout the community

Phase 6 will bring the first portion of a band-new roadway to Bayview. Called Bayview Drive, this east/west collector road will eventually run from 24th Street to the west, all the way to the neighbouring community of Bayside, to the east.

“With the future extension of that new roadway will eventually come another canal bridge,” says Pochapsky, adding that Phase 6 will also see an extension of existing pathways, as well as a permanent road connection to communities north of Bayview. “So, what previously was undeveloped space is now connecting parts of the community and unlocking access to other parts of Airdrie.”

There will be a new product type on offer

Not only will three of Genesis Land’s most trusted builder partners—Calbridge Homes, Genesis Builders Group and McKee Homes—be building single-family homes in Phase 6, all three will also have new offerings specifically for this phase. “Our builders will be offering rear-attached and detached fee-simple townhomes for the first time in Bayview,” says Pochapsky. “These will be a cost-effective housing option, helping to support our mantra of ‘a home for everyone.’”

According to Pochapsky, the new townhomes will be built along Bayview’s new east/west collector road (Bayview Drive), while larger homes will be built to the north of them. “There are 225 lots being created in Phase 6,” says Pochapsky. “A hundred of them are R1 and R1U lots, which are a mix of 32- to 36-foot single-family, front-drive homes. The other 125 are R2T lots, which are those 20- to 25-foot fee-simple townhomes.”

Show homes will be ready for viewing in Fall 2024

Set for completion next fall, the show home parade in Phase 6 will consist of six single-family homes—two from each builder. In addition to those six homes, says Pochapsky, “Each builder is also going to build a townhome block or building for showing, with one of the units in each building fully staged. So, in a way we could call it nine show homes.”

While the townhome offerings are entirely new to Bayview, Popchapsky says their look and feel will blend in beautifully with the rest of the community. “Our team has put a lot of focus and effort into the architectural controls to ensure they are complementary and cohesive. With that in mind, this phase is going to feel refreshing and exciting while still fitting in with the entire Bayview vision.“

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