Baby Bunny Boing and the Welcome Party

To celebrate the babies of 2021, we partnered with Airdrie Life and created a children’s book, Baby Bunny Boing and the Welcome Party. The partnership aligned with our values of putting families at the heart of our communities. We loved the story so much, we wanted to share it with you all! It’s our hope that families will gather for story time and read about Bunny Boing’s adventure to their children. In this way, we are bringing people together, which is at the heart of Genesis Land’s guiding principle To Enrich Lives Through Inspired Homes and Communities.

As part of our commitment to the community, we were fortunate enough to work with local artists for this project. Our writer Leonor Henriquez is a local author who recently published “The Adventures of Chispita”, illustrated by her daughter Leo Pérez, an allegory of life inside a mother’s belly. Mackenzie Cox, 19, is an up-and-coming talented illustrator, raised in Airdrie.

If you’re looking for a carrot cake to enjoy with Baby Bunny Boing (who also loves carrot cake), our holiday recipe from our resident baker and daughter of this book’s author, Leo, is the perfect addition to your family time! Check it out here.

We hope you and your family enjoy the children’s book (and carrot cake) as much as we do!

To learn more about this Genesis Land collaboration, see this article featured in The Airdrie Echo.

Pick up a free copy of Baby Bunny Boing at some of our showhomes: Calbridge showhome in Bayview, GBG showhome in Sage Hill Crest, and McKee showhome in Bayside. The books will be available while supplies last.

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