How to Take Photos of Your Baby

Who can resist the cuteness of a newborn baby?! Capturing those first few weeks of your new baby is the perfect way to preserve the early life of your child and give you the most adorable photos to post on social media.

Photographers make it look so easy to capture the peaceful, sleeping baby swaddled in the chicest blanket. There’s a reason why we hire the pros – sometimes babies aren’t as cooperative as we want them to be. But we gathered some of the professional tips from photographers who specialize in newborn photography, to help you capture your baby’s first days in this world.

Be Prepared

Organize all the outfits and props you want to use in the photos. These can be the baby’s first stuffed animal, a knitted blanket, hair bows and matching onesies. If you have all of the things ready to go and organized, the transitions between the different photos will be seamless and the shoot won’t get too long.

Props also help to show how tiny the baby is. The teddy bear will look giant when the newborn is only a few days old!

Pro tip: Babies tend to be calmer in the morning, so if you schedule an early shoot, you’ll have a better chance of getting more shots while they’re asleep and relaxed.

Baby’s Comfort is the #1 Priority

Make sure your baby is warm, well-fed and well-rested before you plan to take the photos. Just like anyone, we’re much more cooperative when we’re happy. If you want to capture your baby while they’re sleeping, plan around their nap schedule to get that angel with their eyes closed.

Pro tip: Consider bringing a white noise machine for a soothing atmosphere.

Have an Assistant

Teamwork makes the dream work and having an extra person there to keep the baby occupied, smiling or laughing while you’re taking photos will make your job much easier. Whether it’s your partner, a parent or a friend, having another hand on deck is key.

Don’t Forget to Take Close Up Shots

The whole baby is so cute it can be hard to remember to capture the close-up moments as well. Their delicate eye lashes, gripping fingers, wrinkly skin, and wiggling toes. Usually, these shots are easier to take when the baby is sleeping so plan accordingly.

DIY a Simple Backdrop

To avoid clutter in photos and distracting from the main star, set up a simple backdrop – nothing fancy! Drape a white sheet over a few chairs, tape a piece of plain wrapping paper to the wall, or just set your baby on top of a white down comforter on the floor.

Use Natural Light

If you feel like you’re a rookie when it comes to photography, don’t even worry. Natural light does wonders for all photos and makes your job that much easier. If it’s too cold outside, set up your baby near a big window or a room with lots of natural light.

If you try out any of these tips, don’t forget to tag us in your baby photos on Instagram so we can see!