Beds That Pop and Nightstand Solutions for Small Spaces

I would like to purchase a bed. I like a modern upholstered look, but I’d like an idea that is less typical. I’m looking for something that will create some IMPACT! Any ideas? –Jaudette, 

Absolutely! And I would go one step further and suggest having something made by a local upholsterer. This will help you achieve exactly what you want. In order to maintain the modern look keep the overall height of the headboard fairly low. Even if your room is tall, this works to maintain a contemporary effect. Make sure that you choose a height that will allow at least 8” + of the headboard to show when you have two pillows stacked. Measure your pillows to ensure this or the headboard will get lost behind them and leave you with zero impact.
Have the headboard extend beyond the bed by at least 30” on either side. I’m giving you a random size, but you can measure your end tables and make sure they have at least 4” from the side of the bed and another 6” on the outside (for a total of 10”). This will make the side tables sit on a background of upholstery rather than the blank wall behind the bed. Have the upholsterer create an upholstered bed box and choose modern wood legs, recessed enough to make the bed look like it’s floating.
You can either choose an electrifying colour of fabric (Royal blue? Red?) OR go with beautiful, natural linen and paint the wall behind the bed. If you need less impact in the future, all you have to do is paint your wall!
Will you suggest a nightstand that would be suitable for a smaller, more compact space? I’m willing to forego a drawer for something that looks nice and is well built. –Toni
Although there are multiple options, I am suggesting one of two directions:
Curvy: Use a set of round nesting tables for maximum space. The curve will give a bit more visual space and the second table will come in handy if you need an extra surface space. The stacked tables are nice to look at AND function well. Flexform is a company out of Italy that has well built (higher price point) wood furniture. Look at their “Jiff” or “Vic” tables. They have a lovely form and are beautifully crafted.
Floating: The other option is to have something made or find a console piece (or an old box or shelf) that can be wall mounted beside your bed. This will free up the floor area and offers a much more simple look. A lot of people like to use this if they have pets or are dust sensitive so there are no nooks on the floor where dirt can accumulate.
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