Going Green in 2015: Increasing Energy-Efficiency

Did you resolve to be a little kinder to the environment this year? To your home? To your wallet? Going greener in 2015 by making some easy choices for increased energy-efficiency, can help you accomplish all of these goals simultaneously. Here’s some easy ways to conserve energy at home, and put money back in your wallet too.

  • Seal air leaks: spend an afternoon going through your home and sealing and/or caulking plumbing lines, windows, electrical wires, attics and anywhere you feel a draft or see a crack. Preventing air/energy from escaping your home will save you money instantly.
  •  Program your thermostat: if your thermostat allows, set it to drop in temperature during times when nobody is home or higher temperatures aren’t necessary. For example, when everyone is at work, or during sleeping hours. This will cut your heating costs significantly.
  • Replace your bulbs: switch all of your bulbs to LED lights or energy-efficient alternatives. Experts say doing this will save you not only energy, but upwards of $75 a year.
  • Reduce your water heater: according to experts, most water heaters are automatically set about 10-20 degrees warmer than they actually need to be. By dropping the temperature, you’re saving both money and energy here.

Buying a new home comes with energy-efficiency benefits: Modern construction standards and building codes ensure that homes are built using up-to-date materials and products and that every aspect of your home is designed to operate with the highest level of safety and efficiency. 
New homes are also built with a number of energy-efficient features like: modern windows, thermostats and energy-efficient appliances. Learn more about the green benefits of buying brand new homes on the CHBA Alberta website.