Discover More About Logan Landing

Development of one of southeast Calgary’s newest and most exciting neighbourhoods is well underway.

This past July, the Genesis Land team was thrilled to officially break ground on Logan Landing, a new community in southeast Calgary that will eventually feature more than 2,000 housing units (including single family, semi-detached, townhomes and multi-family models). Situated along the beautiful Bow River Valley, Logan Landing will provide its residents with all the amenities and conveniences of urban living, while carefully showcasing and preserving the beauty and ecological significance of its natural surroundings. “It’s been an eight-year journey to be able to finally bring Logan Landing to southeast Calgary,” says Peter Jensen, a Senior Development Manager at Genesis Land who has been deeply involved in the rigorous planning, review and approval processes for this exciting new community. Here, Jensen shares a handful of fun facts about Logan Landing while shining the spotlight on where we’re at with the development and what residents can expect when the community is complete.

Logan Landing is named for a 19th century geologist

The community was given its name in honour of Sir William Edmond Logan, who served as the director of the Geological Survey of Canada from 1842 to 1869. “He studied the formation of the landforms across North America and discovered that a great inland sea once covered this area, from Alaska to the Gulf, and from the Rocky Mountains to the Canadian Shield,” explains Jensen, who also points out that the Genesis Land team has taken great care to study, protect and enhance the geological and ecological elements of Logan Landing’s natural habitat.

The community will have three distinct neighbourhoods

According to Jensen, the topography of Logan Landing allows for a natural, seamless division into three distinct areas: The Ridge, The Bench and The Valley. “The first phases of development fall within The Ridge, which evokes the typical character of the prairie, with wide-open spaces and endless horizon,” says Jensen. The Bench, meanwhile, will have a terraced look, with sloped lots, roadways that descend toward the Bow River and plenty of opportunities for incredible views. Finally, there’s The Valley neighbourhood, which will be encapsulated in an environmental reserve. “The upper slopes of native plants and grasses will frame the main road into The Valley, while homes closest to the river will be bound by a meandering green space that will average about 200 feet from the riverbank,” says Jensen.

Environmentally sensitive areas will be left untouched

In planning and designing Logan Landing, Genesis Land and the City of Calgary have ensured there will be a significant buffer between housing development and the environmentally sensitive areas along the Bow River and escarpment slopes. “The areas are being left as natural as possible, ensuring the native grasses, flowers and sages will thrive,” says Jensen. “This area is also home to a multitude of wildlife, including birds, insects and amphibians. And the old growth cottonwoods are home to the migratory nesting site of Great Blue Herons.”

Logan Landing will be an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise

Not only will our new southeast community be home to world-class trout-fishing and remarkable birdwatching opportunities (thanks, Mother Nature!), it’ll also feature a variety of green spaces that are meant to inspire plenty of outdoor time among Logan Landing residents. “Green spaces in Logan Landing include small tot lots for young families, a future school site with soccer and baseball fields, plans for tennis and pickleball courts and larger community sized parks with playgrounds, outdoor fitness equipment and other amenities for active residents,” says Jensen. Of course, there will also be a robust pathway network, both along the top of the community’s ridge as well as along the riverbank. “But the ultimate highlight,” says Jensen, “will be the cantilevered, elevated skywalk platform that will overlook the most prominent escarpment viewpoint in Logan Landing.”

It’s also going to be wonderfully walkable

One important measure of a community is how easy it is to get around on foot or by bike, as these human-powered modes of transportation not only promote a healthier lifestyle, they also inspire deeper levels of connection and conviviality among neighbours. “There was a lot of thought and care given to the layout of the roads and pathways in Logan Landing in order to create a highly walkable community,” says Jensen. “I am so excited to see how residents will embrace the ability to explore their neighbourhood, visit friends, shop and experience the natural areas surrounding them.”

Work is well underway… and momentum is building

Since breaking ground on Logan Landing this past July, we’ve been moving steadily forward. “The most northerly portion of Logan Landing is currently being graded and shaped to create the blocks, roads, parks and pond,” says Jensen, adding that underground utilities (those that bring water, storm and sewer services to each residence) will be installed shortly, and that roads and sidewalks are scheduled to be built later this fall. Ultimately, the Genesis Land team is hoping that residents can start calling Logan Landing home in 2024. Until then, stay tuned for future updates!