McKee Homes is Coming to Lewiston

Discover why one of Genesis Land’s oldest and most collaborative builder partners is excited about building in our newest north Calgary community.

For more than 20 years, Airdrie-based McKee Homes has been crafting high-quality, beautifully appointed houses for Genesis Land communities. As one of our trusted builder partners, McKee has been instrumental in helping to ensure that residents of our Bayview, Bayside and Canal Landings communities in Airdrie feel happy and at home amid vibrant, attractive and welcoming surroundings. And now, we’re pleased to announce that, for the first time with Genesis Land, McKee will be branching out beyond Airdrie and building in our new north Calgary community of Lewiston. “We really feel like Lewiston will be a natural fit for us,” says Elaine McKee Doel, president and co-owner of McKee Homes. “Plus, we just love collaborating with Genesis Land and having the ability to be part of the process of creating a community.” Here, McKee Doel shares some of the reasons why she and her team are so excited to be building in one of Genesis Land’s newest Calgary communities.

The location is ideal

While McKee Homes has been headquartered in Airdrie since the company was founded in 1987, the McKee team is excited to be building in an appealing new Calgary community—one that happens to be very close to their head office. “We love Lewiston’s proximity to our main office location,” says McKee Doel. “The community is just 10 minutes down the road from us, so it’ll be really easy to service our customers and manage everything that goes into building a home there.” Of course, proximity to McKee headquarters isn’t the only thing McKee Doel and her team appreciate about Lewiston’s location. “We love that it’s near Stoney Trail, the Calgary International Airport, CrossIron Mills and even downtown Calgary. It’s just really handy for people who are going to be living there,” she says.

The community is inspiring new home designs

When it comes to the types of home models available in Lewiston, the McKee team will be blending their tried-and-true with plenty of new. “We’re going to be modifying some of our more well-received homes in Airdrie, but we also have quite a few new designs that we’re going to be bringing along,” says McKee Doel, who adds that the company will be building attached homes as well as laned and front-garage models. “It’s a wonderful mix of product where we can really stretch our imaginations—which is great, because we love stretching our imaginations at McKee.”

The building process can start a little sooner

Homebuyers who choose to build with McKee work closely with the company’s home planners when making decisions around interior and exterior features like cabinetry, flooring, fixtures and colours. Typically, this selection process takes place over the course of a few visits to the McKee design centre in Airdrie. For McKee customers who purchase a home in Lewiston, the process will be equally helpful and hands-on, but with a little less time spent at the design centre. “For this particular community, we’ll do a little more of the exterior selection process at the show home location in Lewiston,” explains McKee Doel. “Our clients will still have the positive experience of visiting our design centre and meeting with our professional home planners for the rest of the selection, but choosing the exterior off-site will get the whole construction process going a little bit faster.”

Working together to create another thriving community

A third-generation family business, McKee Homes was built on a foundation of quality, integrity and excellence—values that continue to lead the way for the McKee team today. “Our mission is crafting exceptional homes for our valued customers,” says McKee Doel, who adds that part of achieving that mission is working with developers and organizations that share the company’s values. “I think McKee Homes and Genesis Land complement each other so well because our partnership is very open and collaborative, and we’re both so committed to creating wonderful communities,” she says. “As developers and home builders, we create the framework of a community, but it’s actually the people living there who truly make a community come alive, because they’re out there experiencing it, visiting with their neighbours, walking along the paths, taking their kids to school, entertaining in their homes. That level of engagement is really what makes a community, and I think both McKee and Genesis Land really understand that and work together to achieve it.”