How to get your landscaping ready for fall

This coming Friday marks the first day of fall, and the weather is proof that the season is already changing. When temperatures dip for autumn, our yard needs to be ready. Here’s some of our best advice for getting your landscaping ready for fall:

  • Take care of the leaves: your yard may already be filled with colourful leaves, so raking will become a more frequent chore until your trees are bare. A reminder that you can put your yard scraps, including leaves and branches, into your composting green bin for pick-up from the City each week.
  • Fertilize: for those who want to get a head-start on next year, you can purchase winter fertilizer from most garden centres to apply to your yard.
  • Check your gutters: make sure your gutters and downspouts aren’t clogged, as more debris will start to fill them once leaves start to fall.
  • Rain barrels: consider emptying your rain barrel before temperatures turn to freezing, it just gives you a fresh start so that the water in there doesn’t get musty and stinky over the coming months.
  • Clean out the vegetable garden: for those of you who grow your own produce, now is the time to clean out your garden for the season. Pull the weeds, take out the plants that won’t make it past the winter season, and again, reminder to put your scraps in your composting green bin!
  • Clean your tools: before putting away all your summer gardening and landscaping tools, be sure to give everything a good clean before putting them in storage for months and months.
  • Clean your shed and garage too: on that same note, it probably makes sense to give your shed or garage a good clean before filling it with summer’s tools. It would be a nice treat to pull things out next spring when everything is clean and organized, instead of kicking off next season with more work.
  • Bring in potted plants: anything that’s growing in a pot and still doing well, can be brought inside to keep the greenery going.

Do you have more tips for fall landscaping? Please share it with us online!