Partner Profile

Genesis Builders Group brings high-quality, innovative homes to many of Calgary and Airdrie’s most sought-after communities.

At Genesis Land, we make it a priority to partner with builders who are as committed to creating vibrant, sustainable communities as we are. Among these key partners is our home-building division, Genesis Builders Group.

Launched nearly two decades ago, Genesis Builders Group brings a solid foundation of expertise, innovation and craftsmanship to each and every home they build, from bungalows and two-storeys to townhomes and side-by-sides.

“Our mission is to provide our buyers with a home that’s built for life,” says company president PS Sidhu. “In designing and building our homes, we examine and consider what our clients are looking for. We think about their needs today, but also the way those needs might change or evolve down the line.”

As connected entities, Genesis Land and Genesis Builders Group work collaboratively to enhance community design and optimize the homeowner experience.

“There’s a productive communication flow between the two Genesis groups,” says Sidhu, who has been with Genesis for almost 16 years. “From developing the land, to determining lot configurations, to designing the homes and then taking feedback from homeowners and applying it back to the new communities Genesis creates—it’s all sort of a circular flow.”

Here, Sidhu shares some of his insights into the benefits of building a new home with Genesis Builders Group.

The advantages of a choosing a new-construction home

“With a newly built home, buyers have a lot more freedom,” says Sidhu. “Freedom of choice, freedom of colour, freedom of finishes. Right from the start, you can personalize your new home to fit your family’s needs—not just for what you see today, but for what you see coming tomorrow.”

Of course, with freedom comes responsibility. And, while most homebuyers choose the new-build path because they want to direct the look and feel of their home from the outset, the process itself can be rather intense, with lots of decisions to be made. “It can be overwhelming when you think about all the stuff you need to pick—things like your backsplash, your cabinets, your cabinet handles,” says Sidhu.

But, he adds, Genesis Builders Group excels at making things easier. “From design to possession, we help homebuyers navigate a complex process and make it simple by breaking it down into small steps.”

What motivates the team at Genesis Builders Group

“It may sound like a cliché,” says Sidhu, “but our team is truly passionate about what we do. We’re passionate about architectural views of the home, and about understanding how customers’ needs impact design. We’re also passionate about building in a feasible manner and with a timeline that makes sense. Our passion for what we do feeds our drive to learn more, and to constantly see possibilities and improve.”

Indeed, this drive to learn and improve is a hallmark of Genesis Builders Group’s overall approach. The team is dedicated to continuously raising the bar in design, construction and customer service. “We incorporate the latest research with input from our homebuyers, and we adapt and grow from that,” says Sidhu. “We take our knowledge base and expand upon it. It’s that evolution of knowing that even if we have a great product in place, we can still move forward with it. We can keep pushing the envelope.”

Embracing smart-home technology

Among the many ways Genesis Builders Group pushes that envelope is by seamlessly weaving smart-home technology into each of their new builds. “We’re really enthusiastic about the technology we use in our homes and how it can add convenience and help reduce ongoing maintenance costs of ownership,” says Sidhu.

From thermostats and lighting devices to sound systems and security solutions, Genesis-built homes feature the latest in smart-home tech, all of which can be merged into a single SmartThings App that allows the homeowner to monitor, control and automate their home from anywhere.

“The best part of it is, it’s all integrated for the homeowner right after they take possession, so they don’t have to hook it up themselves or wait for different parties to come together to do it,” explains Sidhu. “That’s a hurdle that we remove by sending in an expert to make sure it’s already hooked up. And the expert will also walk the homeowner through and teach them how to use the software behind it. It’s just one of the little things we have done that I think separates us from some of our peers in the industry.”

Tips for making the most of the homebuilding process

For Sidhu, it’s all about patience and positivity. “The homebuilding process is very exciting, but you have to be patient with it,” he says, adding that various stages of the process can feel stressful or lengthy.

Fortunately, the team at Genesis Builder Group has created a way for their customers to revel in each building milestone as it comes. “We’ve introduced the MyStory App. It’s essentially the story of your home. We send pictures and quick updates on the customer’s house through different stages of construction, which can be shared with friends, colleagues and family. It’s a great way to share the excitement.”

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