What’s New at Genesis Land

From a cool new pedestrian bridge coming to Sage Hill Crest to an entirely new phase in Bayview, we’ve got plenty of things to look forward to in our communities this year.

At Genesis Land, we believe that attention to detail is the key to creating communities that thrive. Of course, we’re the first to admit that there are a lot of details to pay attention to!

From determining infrastructure needs and lifestyle amenities to figuring out the right mix of housing types, services and business offerings, the elements involved in visualizing, planning and ultimately building a new community are wide-ranging and carefully phased to ensure residents are getting what they need, when they need it.

“We plan our communities years in advance,” explains Peter Jensen, a senior development manager with Genesis Land. “But, depending on how the area grows, each phase of a community can have a distinct feature added, like a park or a school site.”

Here, we take a closer look at two new additions — very different in size and scope — underway in two of our best-loved communities.

Moving ahead with Phase 2 in Bayview

For the last few years, residents of Airdrie-based Bayview have been actively embracing everything Phase 1 of the community has to offer, from its vast trail network and meandering canals and to its sprawling parks and easy access to shopping centres and other services.

Now, with construction of Bayview Phase 2 in progress, even more amenities and housing types are on their way.

“Bayview Phase 2 complements the community by filling out the southwest corner of the neighbourhood, and adds a much-needed school site,” says Jensen. “This phase also allows a nearly 300-metre extension of our existing recirculation creek and pathways from Bayview Park, which is located in Bayview Phase 1.”

Construction of this phase, which began last spring, is progressing nicely. Much of the infrastructure — including water and sewer mains, roadways, sidewalks and even the school site — is already complete.

“We are currently working on the final design of the power, gas, TV and phone systems and hope to start installation soon. And homes will begin foundations soon, too,” says Jensen.

Speaking of homes, Bayview Phase 2 offers a mix of housing to cater to a wide range of buyers. This includes duplex homes, rear-garage detached homes, front-attached garage homes, and a multi-family site with townhomes.

“When planning a community, we want to create a full spectrum of housing types available to various income levels,” says Jensen. “Our team can anticipate young families wanting to locate near schools, so we’ve created more affordable housing nearby or within a short walking distance to the school site.”

Bridging the gap in Sage Hill Crest

Creating walkable and bikeable communities is a priority at Genesis Land, which is why we’re also excited to announce that a new pedestrian bridge is coming soon to our Sage Hill Crest community in northwest Calgary.

Spanning 75 metres over the community’s extensive environmental reserve, the bridge will provide a convenient, south-bound link from Sage Hill Crest to the shops, services and other commercial offerings of Sage Hill Crossing.

“Not only will this bridge improve connectivity, it’ll also be a community focal point,” says Bill MacDonald, a development manager with Genesis Land. “The aim is to make it into an iconic visual amenity for the area.”

Indeed, the bridge’s design team has put a great deal of thought into the structure’s aesthetic and ornamental features, ensuring a cohesive visual theme that complements the look and feel of Sage Hill Crest.

The bridge’s entry points, for example, will incorporate elements that are similar to the community’s own entry treatments. These landing areas will also feature seating options and attractive landscaping designed to inspire pedestrians to pause, take in their surroundings and connect with other people who are strolling or cycling along the pathway system that feeds into the crossing.

Consisting of a steel, Warren-style truss, a single pier and two equal spans, the bridge will have a light and sleek appearance. And, with a clear width of 3 metres and a durable concrete deck, it’ll provide plenty of space for everyone using it.

“It’s a balance between form, function and practicality,” says MacDonald, adding that the bridge team is planning to commence construction in April 2022, with the aim of an early October completion.