Partner Profile

Calbridge Homes has been a trusted builder in the Calgary area for more than 40 years.

At Genesis Land, we believe that collaboration is one of the most essential elements when it comes to developing and maintaining communities that thrive. Our builder partners share this belief, and they are deeply committed to working closely with us — and with homebuyers— to ensure that the highest levels of design, craftsmanship and service go into every home they create within a Genesis Land community. Calbridge Homes is one of these key collaborative partners.

“We’ve been working with Genesis Land as a fellow builder and developer for many years,” says Nicole Ziemann, managing director of sales at Calbridge. “It’s been exciting for us to grow this partnership, as so many of our core values align, which makes delivering our customers’ dream homes that much more meaningful.”

Launched in Calgary in 1978, Calbridge was built on a foundation of strong family values that continue to inspire everything the company sets out to do.

“We’re always striving to make a difference in people’s lives,” says Ziemann. “Whether it’s with our customers, our team members, or the Calgary community as a whole, we believe in contributing in ways that will be valued for generations.”

Here, Ziemann — who has more than 20 years’ experience working in the housing industry — shares her well-earned insights into building a new home with Calbridge.

The benefits of building a new-construction home

There’s something to be said for knowing that you and your family are the first people to live in a home. “Buying new means you can personalize everything to your tastes,” says Ziemann. “You can watch the process and learn about your home through every milestone, so you know exactly what’s in the walls, beneath the floor and above your head. There are no hidden surprises. It’s your home and yours alone — a fresh start.”

Of course, Ziemann acknowledges that building a new home can be overwhelming at first, but, she adds, “Calbridge’s highly experienced team guides customers through each step of the process, from that initial visit to the show home right through to possession day and beyond. We also partner with excellent lenders, realtors and a moving concierge, making sure you’re supported through all of the big decisions.”

Tips for navigating the homebuilding process

First and foremost, try to enjoy the ride. Various stages of the building process can often feel long and drawn out. But, Ziemann says, “If you take the time to snap lots of photos and enjoy every walk-through as you learn about your home, you’ll have a deeper appreciation of the memories and milestones of the build. And don’t be shy to ask tons of questions of our team along the way. We’re here to help.”

Ziemann also suggests working with a lender to obtain financing pre-approval, so that you have a strong sense of your budget prior to choosing the style of home you wish to build, and the community you wish to build in.

What makes the Calbridge team tick

According to Ziemann, everyone at Calbridge is working toward a common purpose. “We are so motivated and driven by each other to collaborate, innovate and support one another, and we all come to work each day for the same reason: we really love designing, building and selling peoples’ dream homes.”

This commitment remains steadfast, no matter what project the Calbridge team is working on. “We create homes for every generation and every price point, and the attention to detail is the same no matter what we’re designing and building,” says Ziemann. “We bring care and passion to every level of product type we offer.”

Building relationships that last

The level of care and commitment that Calbridge is known for has led to long-time customer loyalty, which is another point of pride for both Ziemann and the company as a whole.

“It’s been exciting to have so many repeat buyers,” she says. “Customers are coming back to us to build another home for them because their lives have changed since the last time we built them a house. It’s so rewarding that they trust us still, to this day, to build them something wonderful for the next chapter of their life.”

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