Stats on Calgary's Community Engagement

Every year, the City of Calgary conducts a survey which polls Calgarians on their overall quality of life, as well as their level of satisfaction with City services. The results of the Citizen Satisfaction Survey are used to provide valuable insights on community and citizen engagement in Calgary.

Some of the notable statistics are being illustrated in an informative new online platform called Citizen Dashboard. We went through the 2016 numbers and picked out some of the highlights on community services and engagement to share with you.

67% of Calgarians feel a sense of belonging with their community (up 3% from last year).

There are 150 community associations in Calgary, and there are a lot of ways you can engage with your community whether as a volunteer or simply connecting with your neighbours. If you’re looking for some ways to give back to your community, read our blog with some ideas.

Average home price is $470,000 (up from $444,000 from last year).

After the economic downturn took a toll on housing prices for two years in Calgary, home prices are starting to not only stabilize but rebound and are even up this year from last. Homebuyers are still in luck, because interest rates are still historically low and year-over-year these prices are still favourable to a buyer, but it’s also great to know that home values are increasing again which makes investment opportunities more appealing.

Retail sales have stayed consistent at $2.4 billion for the last two years.

Despite what’s going on with some industries and the economy in Calgary, our citizens are still spending money! Retail shopping has stayed the same this year from last, in the billions spent, which is great news for local business and the local economy. If you want to further boost the economic conditions in our city this holiday season, consider doing your gift shopping at local businesses or markets.

63% of Calgarians are active enough to see health benefits (up 3% from last year).

This is a great trend as Calgarians are getting more active, and Calgary communities definitely cater to this lifestyle. If you’re looking for a great community recreation centre, check out Genesis Centre near Saddlestone in the northeast. Looking for more creative ways to explore your community and stay healthy too? See our blog for some unique ideas in Calgary neighbourhoods.
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