The top 10 things to love about Saddlestone

If you’re not yet familiar with the community of Saddlestone, nestled in northeast Calgary, there’s a lot to love! This environmentally friendly, master-planned community is just as picturesque and tranquil as it is convenient and well located. Filled with natural wonders to explore — from parks and ponds to playgrounds and biking paths — Saddlestone has everything you need for a full life. Designed for families, this community is vibrant yet peaceful, convenient yet charming.

If you’re exploring the lifestyle that awaits in Saddlestone, here’s the top 10 things to love about the community.

  1. Pedestrian and eco-friendly design: We developed the community of Saddlestone with a fused grid design, which is the first of its kind in Canada. This type of design promotes a pedestrian-friendly, eco-friendly and family-friendly environment balancing efficiency for both vehicles and walking commuters.
  2. Genesis Centre: Another benefit of living in Saddlestone, is the Genesis Centre, a full-service recreation and wellness facility that we are proud to share a name with. In addition to offering fitness, health and recreation services, the complex provides facilities for cultural events and indoor and outdoor soccer fields. It also provides access to a range of human and social services through 1000 Voices, a community and human services wing inside the facility.
  3. New schools: two brand new schools opened near Saddlestone this year: Nelson Mandela High School and Peter Lougheed School (grades 5 to 8). A third brand new school will be opening next year near Saddlestone—Hugh A. Bennett School (K to grade 4).
  4. Established amenities: everything you need is nearby in Saddlestone, from groceries to gas to recreation to lifestyle. There’s a ton of restaurants nearby, household amenities, not to mention the YMCA and Calgary Public Library.
  5. Access to City transit: the Saddletowne CTrain station is within walking distance of Saddlestone, not to mention the number of Calgary Transit bus stops and routes throughout the area as well.
  6. Access to major transportation routes: if you’re not one for public transit, Saddlestone is accessible via Stoney Trail or McKnight Boulevard, with the Calgary International Airport just minutes away, and downtown Calgary just a 20-minute commute.
  7. Nature is nearby: the community of Saddlestone was designed with nature in mind, that’s why there are a number of ponds scattered throughout the neighbourhood. We have created a tranquil and safe neighbourhood giving more opportunity for families and children to enjoy green spaces and increases the amount of pathways and the potential for social interaction.
  8. Diverse housing options: Genesis Builders is the home builder developing in Saddlestone, providing both single-family home options and multi-family living at Ashbury in Saddlestone. With diverse extended family living options, many of the homes in Saddlestone offer features like additional home entrances for those multi-generational homes.
  9. Access to health centres: as you can see with our interactive online map of Saddlestone, there are over 10 medical facilities and businesses within the area which brings peace of mind to families and homeowners there.
  10. Shopping is nearby: for those who like to treat themselves, CrossIron Mills is a short drive from Saddlestone, and not to mention the 15+ other retail locations within Saddlestone and area.

If you’d like to learn more about Saddlestone in northeast Calgary, please check out our website.