To All The Moms

We can all agree that the Mother’s in our life are the real champions. Whether it’s our real Moms or the ones that stepped up to support and care for us, we wouldn’t be where or who we are now without them.

To all the Moms that became teachers during this time, who sacrificed your usual daily schedules to make sure your kids didn’t miss any important lessons or meals. And to all the Moms who raised us, we know we can always call you up when we are looking for Sunday night dinner or help with figuring out how to fix the leaking sink.

To all the Moms that had to put their career on hold or take on an extra job to support us and make sure we had the best life that we could. Even if we didn’t appreciate it then, we look forward to our weekly call or coffee date to spend time with you. We can’t help but laugh when we’re trying to help you figure out how to get your email on your phone, but you probably feel the same way when we have to ask you how to cook chicken for the sixth time.

Some of us can drive to your house for dinner and sometimes it’s a Facetime brunch date, but we want quality time with the woman who made us who we are. Whether you are near or far from your Mom, spending quality time with her is so important. Even though Mother’s Day should be every day, we want to show you how much you mean to us. Maybe it’s a specially made brunch, your favourite fresh flowers or building that deck that you wanted to get done this summer.

Our community is made up of strong, amazing women and our community (and the world) wouldn’t be the same without you. How can we make this day more special for you? Share why your Mom is the best on social media and tag us @genesislanddevelopment.