Community Takes Many Forms

We are over a month into the new normal of social distancing and no one could have guessed how our lives would all be transformed.

The most heart-warming, silver lining of this has been the way the world has come together under a common crisis and proved that we are stronger together. Whether it’s your local community with your neighbours, friends and family or across this whole country, you can feel the strength of the community that has been built. Community is being built from acts of kindness, giving to those in need and of course, what would we do without Zoom.

Life has been challenging for everyone during this time. Staying connected online with the people we love here and across the world has helped make everything feel more manageable. Community takes on many forms and the strength in what is being built now will be the foundation of what our future looks like. We have witnessed so many wonderful stories of people coming together and supporting each other in this time of need.

What Community is to Us

Community is running errands for your elderly neighbour who can’t leave the house. The more abled people have stepped up to support the people in their community who can’t right now, including picking up their groceries or running to the pharmacy for a prescription.

Community is organizing a Zoom cocktail hour for you and your friends. Feeling disconnected from our friends is the hardest part right now, but having a weekly Friday happy hour call together can almost feel like it used to.

Community is supporting local businesses. Coffee beans, take out from your favourite local restaurant, alcohol from an independent retailer or cleaning supplies from a locally made source all bring together the community.

This city, country and the whole world have shown that it takes coming together to build enough strength to make it through tough times. Community takes many forms but each as just as important as the other.

What Does Community Look Like For You

We want to see what community looks like for you. Your acts of kindness, Zoom dates and being out in your community. Please email your photos and videos to If you submit content, you will be entered to win a $100.00 gift card.

We look forward to seeing you and your community!