Biking Tips 101

Biking season is here and we’re so excited to hop on our two wheels, get outside and explore the community pathways. Jeff from Cranked Bike Shop in Airdrie, shares some of his tips for ensuring you have the best biking experience possible.

If you’re new to biking, or perhaps are dusting off the ol’ bike that’s been buried in the garage check out the following tips to ensure a safe and fun ride for the whole family this spring!

First Step: Choosing your Bike

There are so many different bikes on the market, how do you choose which on is right for you? You want to think about the type of riding you’re going to be doing. Mountain biking on unlevel terrain and paths or are you sticking mostly to the paved pathways of the communities. Maybe you’re looking for an e-bike for an easier ride up those steep hills or long routes. The experts in the shop can help you with this decision.

Once you’ve chosen the type of bike you want, make sure you buy a bike that fits you. This will help support your body including your back and your neck. Once you determine the correct size and seat height, before you ride, make sure you’re in the right gear so that you’re being as efficient as possible to support you while riding. Before you leave the shop, make sure you grab a helmet too – safety first!

Maintain Your Bike

Jeff highly recommends regularly servicing your bike professionally as well as keeping it maintained at home. You want to take care of your bike so that you have the best riding experience and so that your bike will last for many, many years.

When servicing it at home make sure all the elements of the bike are aligned and the bike chain is lubricated. Check the tires to make sure they’re inflated properly to ensure a smooth and easy ride. Finally, make sure you clean your bike before you put it away including degreasing your chain, cleaning out the mud and dirt build up and the pedals and gears are clear.

Get Biking!

Now you’re ready to get a new bike for the summer or freshen up your current bike for a fun and active summer ahead. Make sure to follow Cranked on social media and check out their shop in Airdrie. If you have any more bike-related questions, they are more than happy to help!

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