Bringing Communities Together

By Arnie Stefaniuk

Your neighbours have the potential to be lifelong friends—if you take the time to get to know them. Our lives are increasingly busy, between work and personal commitments, and it’s easy to become isolated from those around you.

For many, there seems to be a nostalgic attraction to the idea of a community where neighbours are friends and there’s an inherent sense of connectivity between families. But this idea doesn’t have to be relegated to the past, and it’s absolutely possible to achieve in the present.


Building happy, healthy communities

At Genesis Land, we believe that together, we make a better place. It’s healthy for the human condition to know your neighbours and feel a sense of togetherness within your community. These genuine connections build trust with those around you, and you can feel confident knowing that your neighbours will be there for you in times of need—whether it’s keeping an eye on your house while you’re out of town or knowing that you can rely on them in the event of an emergency.

One of the first things Genesis Land does, when developing a new community, is look at ways to get people out of their homes and interacting with one another. You’ll meet your neighbours and get to know them if there are accessible ways for you to get out and enjoy your community. I went walking through my community when my daughter was an infant, and we met another couple with a young baby. That couple are some of our best friends still, 22 years later. This is where things like pathways, parks and waterways come in, and those amenities become gathering places for the community.

When I go out in Bayside, Bayview, Saddlestone or The Ridge at Sage Meadows, I’m looking for people using our pathways, our parks, because that’s a sign of a successful community. Nothing makes me happier than to see a parent either bike riding with a young one or pushing  a stroller within our community.


Connected to nature

Genesis Land has been very fortunate to have opportunities to take what nature offers and integrate our communities with the natural setting. This element of our communities is very important to us, and we have several developments that we’ve built—or are about to build—where we have had this opportunity. We take great pride in providing all the urban amenities and the feel of an urban place, but there’s nature just outside your door too.

The natural beauty in each community also allows us to bring residents of all backgrounds and demographics together through a variety of seasonal, family-friendly events, where neighbours can get to know each other in a fun, relaxed setting and take the first step towards lasting connections. We’re in the midst of planning events for Bayview, Saddlestone and Bayside, so keep an eye on our social media channels to learn more!


Together from start to finish

Genesis Land can’t build a community by itself. We work with a large team of consultants, contractors and partners, and they have to believe in your vision of building communities that enrich our residents’ lives. We put a lot of effort into finding who we can work with, who accepts the vision we’re trying to portray and who can get the job done. This cohesive ethos within all facets of our team creates togetherness that translates into our communities to create environments where families thrive and forge genuine, lasting connections with one another.

This is one side of the “we” equation within Genesis Land communities, but there’s another other side of the “we” that’s equally important. This part of the equation comes after we’ve built the community, and that’s the people who are moving in. The people are the final piece of the puzzle, and if Genesis Land gives them the opportunities to be “we,” meaning if they are connected with one another, then we’ve built a successful community. The physical build and the lifestyle build have to come together to foster a community where residents can experience exceptional quality of life inside and outside their homes.


Our communities in action

With the launch of our new website, we’re also proud to announce the release of a new video that perfectly captures the dynamic nature of Genesis Land communities and depicts the true togetherness created by our residents. Click the thumbnail below to watch the video and see our communities in action.

We’ve built a perfect community for you—and we can’t wait for you to join the Genesis Land family.

Arnie Stefaniuk is the Vice-President of Land Development with Genesis Land Development Inc. Arnie has more than 20 years of experience in land development and municipal engineering, and his time spent working in the field as an engineer led to a passion for community development. At Genesis Land, Arnie provides expertise in land investment, community design and construction.

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