Calgarians LOVE their city

Results from the City of Calgary’s annual Citizen Satisfaction Survey came out last week, and the verdict is in—Calgarians love their city! 91% of citizens say they are proud to be Calgarian, and satisfaction with City services remains high.

“Good data makes for good decisions. The results we get from the Citizen Satisfaction Survey help City Council as we make decisions about the new four-year budget and business plan so that we can continue to serve Calgarians well.” — Mayor Nenshi 

Among the highlights of the survey, 87% of Calgarians say they have a good quality of life in our city. Some of the other notable figures:

  • 86% of Calgarians rated The City’s quality of service as consistently high 
  • 6 City services saw increases in satisfaction: land use planning, roads and infrastructure, pathways, bylaw services, animal control and community services
  • 91% are satisfied with the City’s environmental performance
  • 81% are satisfied with roads and infrastructure
  • 84% perceive their neighbourhood as safe
  • 86% are proud to live in their neighbourhood 
  • 96% are satisfied with the quality of drinking water
  • 80% are satisfied with Calgary Transit

You can view the full survey on the City of Calgary website here. How would you rate your neighbourhood and the quality of City services where you live? Please share with us on Twitter or Facebook.