Design changes that will improve your sleep

In honour of World Sleep Day, taking place on March 16th, we are going to give some insight into how to fix one of the biggest health problems with your home decor! Insomnia is a big issue, with reportedly one in three people suffering from it.

But what if we told you a few simple design tweaks could help you sleep better and feel more relaxed?

  • Control the clutter: what you might think is “controlled chaos” could be having a negative effect on your mindset. A pile of recycling that needs to go out, or laundry that needs to be folded, just reminds you of your obligations. Deal with your things as soon as you can, so you don’t let jobs pile up, or let your place get messier.
  • Simplify your colour palettes: using paint colours that are too bright can strain your eyes a bit. Another thing to note is that using too many different colour schemes in different rooms can add additional work to your brain and makes it harder to relax. Focus on a more streamlined colour palette for your home. Neutral shades are easier on the relaxation process.
  • Keep it dark: many people don’t realize it, but using the main lights to brighten up a whole room, can make it harder for your eyes and brain to relax. Instead, opt to just turn on lamps where you need light, rather than keeping beaming lights on. In the bedroom, keep things as dark as possible at night time. Consider thicker window treatments or even blackout options.
  • Turn off the screens: one of the biggest culprits of eye and brain strain, and insomnia is electronics. Make sure you take time before bed or when you want to relax, to steer clear of screens (TVs, iPads, smartphones, etc.). Staring at screens makes it harder to sleep as well, so opt for a book instead.
  • Keep it quiet: this may seem obvious, but keep your bedroom quiet at bedtime.
  • Add calming scents: try bringing in a diffuser or using linen sprays before bed with scents like lavender, which promote relaxation and sleep.
  • Invest in a good pillow: the bed is not the place to skimp out, especially if you have sleep issues. Invest in a really good pillow!

Do you have other design tips for sleeping better? By all means, please share with us on social media.