Everything You Need to Know About the Bayview/Bayside Pathway Closure

You might have noticed a little change in the pathway system in and around Bayview and Bayside. The closure of the pathway system is to accommodate the construction of a water line and a bridge across the canal in the Bayside area. The new bridge project is part of the City of Airdrie’s Bayview/Bayside Neighbourhood Structure Plan Amendment, which has just begun its 12th phase. The pathways will be closed from now until the Fall of 2022 when the new bridge is set to open.

Our team at Genesis Land and the City of Airdrie both want to ensure the safety of residents and safe work spaces during construction. If the construction and pathway closure has interrupted your usual walking routes, we ask that you use the alternate routes provided. The unavoidable inconvenience of closed pathways will be rewarded by the ultimate plan the City of Airdrie has for the area. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we make the community better for everyone.

If you have any questions please visit the City of Airdrie’s website.