Faces of Genesis – Bayview

Genesis Land has been planning and developing vibrant communities for nearly 30 years. But a community is more than a group of homes—it’s a place to experience, to create memories, and forge lasting connections with those around you. Genesis Land builds communities with thought and purpose, incorporating innovative landscapes, ample green space, water features, and sought-after amenities. With so much to enjoy, it’s no wonder our team also calls our communities home.

We’d like you to get to know the Faces of Genesis! Keep reading to learn more about three of our team members who are raising their families in Bayview and Saddle Ridge, and discover their favourite features in the communities.

Jacqueline Bedford
Project Coordinator, Genesis Builders Group

Northeast Calgary has always been home for Jacqueline, who currently lives in the Saddlestone community in Saddle Ridge with her husband, Charles, and their two children—Josue, age two, and Milagro, who is nine months old. Jacqueline’s parents and sisters also reside in the area, and she wanted to find a home close to them that would allow their families to spend more time together. Jacqueline and Charles found the perfect home for their growing family in the Arden duplex model, which provides them with a spacious floorplan and bonus second-storey loft—plus, their home is close to all the amenities they need, including the Genesis Centre for Josue’s swimming lessons. The vibrant, diverse neighbourhood is a welcoming community for families, and there are plenty of children for Josue and Milagro to grow up with. The diversity of the families that reside in the neighbourhood also creates a strong sense of inclusivity, where everyone is accepted and cultures are embraced.

We’d like you to get to know the Faces of Genesis! Keep reading to learn more about two of our team members who are raising their families in Bayview, and discover their favourite features in the community.

Paula Strilchuk
Customer Care Manager, Genesis Builders Group

Paula has been with Genesis Builders Group—the subsidiary of Genesis Land Development—for seven years and moved in to the community of Bayview in August 2018. She and her husband have lived in Airdrie for more than 15 years, and they were seeking a walkout bungalow that backed onto Bayview’s signature canal system that they would enjoy for years to come with their two sons, age nine and 12. They chose to construct a new build from Genesis Builders Group and selected the Clover model, a 1,614 sq. ft., two bedroom, two bathroom bungalow.

Paula and her family were drawn to Bayview’s abundant green space, pathways, nearby amenities, and canals—the view she has of the canals has become her favourite feature of her new home. Bayview also provides a safe neighbourhood for her family that is quiet and comfortable, and it is filled with welcoming neighbours to connect with. The past three months living in Bayview have shown Paula the true meaning of the Genesis Land motto, “Together, we make a better place” in the evident sense of family and community that resonates throughout the neighbourhood.

Mike DeBoer
Architectural Design Manager, Genesis Builders Group

Mike and his family, which includes his wife and two children, have called Bayview home for the past three months. They were drawn to its unbeatable sense of community and the value of the homes, and chose to build a bungalow with Genesis Builders Group. They wake up to a beautiful view of one of the canals every morning, and they have easy access to the community’s extensive trail network—which leads to the kids’ elementary school and numerous amenities. There are also plenty of children in the community, which has made it simple for Mike’s two children to make new friends.

Mike, who has been with Genesis Builders Group for three-and-a-half years, believes there has been a conscious effort to embed the canals and pathway system into every facet of the neighbourhood. The canals and pathways aren’t closed-off features that only a select few have access to and become an integral part of residents’ daily life. There is a common goal among Genesis Land departments to create great places to live that are attainable to a wide spectrum of home buyers, and all members of Genesis collaborate and achieve this every day.

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