Fire Prevention Week: Kitchen Fire Safety

October 6 to 12 is Fire Prevention Week in Canada, and the Calgary Fire Department is reminding Calgarians about the importance of fire safety in the home. According to the City of Calgary, Kitchen fires and cooking are the leading cause of injury in the home, and with Thanksgiving coming up this weekend, here are some kitchen fire safety tips.

General Cooking Safety:

  • Never leave cooking unattended, stay in the kitchen during the use of any cooking appliances. If you must leave the kitchen, turn off the heating source before you do, and remove pots/pans from the source.
  • Keep an oven mitt and lid nearby so you can quickly smother any small grease fires.
  • Never hold children while you are cooking or carrying hot food/liquids.
  • Use only dry oven mitts or potholders.
  • Turn pot handles inwards to prevent them from being knocked over.
  • Place hot foods/liquids out of reach of young children.

Stovetop and Oven Safety: 

  • Keep children and pets at least one metre away from oven/stove.
  • Keep potholders, oven mitts, wooden utensils and other flammable items away from the stovetop.
  • Never store combustible or flammable items in the bottom drawer of your oven.
  • In case of an oven fire, turn off the heat and keep the door closed.
  • Clean all food and grease from your stovetop once it’s cooled after cooking.

Microwave Safety: 

  • Never use an extension cord for a microwave, plug directly into the home.
  • Use microwave-safe food containers and dishes.
  • Never use aluminum or metal in the microwave.
  • Stir food before eating after cooking in a microwave, as food cooks unevenly.
  • If a fire starts in a microwave, leave the door closed and unplug it from the wall.

For more information on Fire Prevention Week in Calgary, check out the City of Calgary website.