Spring Care Tips for a Great Deck Season

Decks are a great addition to a home, providing an 80 per cent return on investment; not to mention the added living space during sunny months. Now that warmer weather is here to stay, it’s time to get some deck maintenance out of the way, so you can enjoy a safe and prolonged deck season this year.

Remove debris: before you start on any maintenance or cleaning, you’ll want to ensure your deck is free from any debris. Remove anything between the boards with a butter knife or similar-shaped tool.
Sweep: sweep your deck thoroughly with a good broom, there will be lots of dust, dirt and other sediment in the cracks and corners of your deck from the past couple of seasons.
Wash: unwashed decks can lead to mould and mildew, so ensure you give your deck a good cleaning before you start using it again. For wood and composite decks, you’ll want to find a deck cleaner labelled for your specific material, you can find them at most hardware stores. For vinyl decks, all you’ll need for cleaning is some warm water and mild soap.
Replace nails/screws: check your deck thoroughly (top and bottom) for loose nails or screws, and those sticking up or bent. Remove all nails and screws that can’t be tightened, and have them replaced.
Sand: lightly sand down any parts of your deck that have chipped paint or wood splinters sticking out.
Paint: touch up places in our deck where paint is chipped or missing, you’ll want to wait a day or two until the deck is dry before moving on to the next steps.
Seal:  you want to wait two days after cleaning or painting to seal your deck. Similar to cleaners, find the designated deck sealant for your deck material at most hardware stores.
Near the end of the summer months, you’ll want to perform repairs and maintenance on your deck and then take any preventative measures to prepare it for the fall and winter months. If you want some more pointers for deck season, read our blog on maximizing your deck space.