Where to buy a Christmas tree and how to care for one

As the countdown to Christmas rolls on, it’s time to get your tree sorted out! If you’re opting for a real tree this year, here’s a guide to where to get one and how to care for it.


  • Hardware and grocery stores: many big box retailers offer a selection of Christmas trees this time of year. If you’re not particular about selection, have a drive to your local spot and check out what they have.
  • Blue Grass Nursery: this hotspot for Christmas trees has trees from five feet to 16 feet tall! They are located in Balzac at 26013B Writing Creek Crescent.
  • YMCA Crowfoot: this location for the YMCA sells Christmas trees that in turn support their programs and initiatives. You can find them at 8100 John Laurie Boulevard NW in Calgary.
  • Scouts Canada: this is a popular tree lot every year that is setup at the Holy Cross Anglican Church at 2828 19 Street NW.


  • Get it in water! Within eight hours of bringing your tree home, get it into some water. Cut an inch off the bottom and place it in a tree stand full of water.
  • Water it often: keep watering your tree often, and make sure the bottom of the trunk is always below the water line. Don’t add anything to the water to try and extend the tree’s life, this doesn’t work, and will just cause issues for any animals or children who may get into the water by accident.
  • Keep it cool: be mindful that you don’t take a winter-grown tree and plop it in front of large windows baking in the sunlight or on top of vents that are blasting hot air all day. Be sure to pick a place that will allow it to maintain a relatively cool temperature.
  • Be careful with decorations: practice safety when decorating your tree to avoid serious fire hazards. Make sure your lights are in good working order, that there’s no torn cords, etc. Keep the needles cleaned up under the tree, and avoid heat sources that could ignite anything on the tree or the tree itself.

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