Colour Psychology: Choosing the Right Hue

When it comes to choosing the right paint colour at home, keeping the meaning of different colours in mind can come in handy. A wall colour can change the entire mood of a room and the people in it. Here’s a handy guide to colour psychology:
Yellow:  this colour is associated with happiness, and it stimulates the nervous system and promotes creativity.
Deep Red: this colour evokes passion and romance.
Pink: this colour emphasizes energy, and often makes a good choice for kids’ rooms.
Orange: energy and a stimulated appetite can be felt with oranges, which make it a great choice for a kitchen.
Bright green: this colour promotes creativity as well as comfort and renewal. Often a good choice for a living room or home office.
Blue: feelings of calmness come from blues, especially in lighter shades. Blues that are too dark can evoke sadness, so it’s best to avoid those in home décor.
Purple: this colour is associated with wealth and drama, it can be a stunning addition to most rooms.
Green: this colour always brings upon a fresh feeling, or one of nature. A great colour for bathrooms, sun rooms, entryways, etc.
Gray: stability, softness and soothing are emotions evoked by grays. They are great colours to incorporate for style and are functional in almost any room.
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