Gear up for this Full Body, Strength Circuit in Bayview Park

New Year, new you! We are excited to be kicking off 2021 with a new goals and a new self-care routine. After indulging over the holidays, we’re celebrating the new year with an outdoor workout routine. Over the last year, we’ve seen our own living rooms and spare bedrooms turn into the home gyms and we want to keep it up for this year.

As we start the New Year, working out at home will continue to be the new normal to keep us safe and healthy. I have worked with all of my clients this year to shift their routine to being either bodyweight, or with any (often creative) equipment that is available. As well, all of them have enjoyed getting outside more to change up their environment and take advantage of the awesome winter weather we’ve had so far!

Just because you have to work out at home, doesn’t mean you need to be stuck in your living room with nothing but your imagination for equipment. With the combination of an outdoor space to get some fresh air and the endless options available with this equipment, the park here in Bayview is a perfect place to get your daily sweat in.

This workout is designed to be full body, to get you sweating and to adapt to any fitness level as well as time available! With this quick 15 minute circuit you can choose the level of intensity for each movement as well as whether you want to do 1 round (~15 minutes) or complete 2-3 rounds for a 30-45 minute workout.


By Rachel Hall, Certified Personal Trainer, Crush Camp Calgary

Complete this circuit 1-3 times, rest as needed between stations (~30-60 seconds)

1A. MOBILITY: 1-2 sets x 5 reps
– Lat Pull Down
– Reverse Lunge + twist
– Deep squat to hamstring stretch

1B. THERMAL: 3-4 Minutes



Add 30 seconds of jumping jacks or high knees between stations to keep your heart rate up (and stay warm on a chilly day!)



Whether you’ve got your headphones in or a portable speaker, adding music to your routine always adds motivation & fun!
Check out this family friendly playlist I have made for you: