How to have your say on community development

Development is important to cities and communities, it helps provide increased housing options, brings jobs and helps the economy (that’s just a few of the reasons). But when development is taking place within your community, or on a community that hasn’t started construction yet, there are a number of ways you can provide input as well.

If you’re looking to take a proactive or informed approach to community development, here’s some ways you can have your say:

  • Join your community association: did you know there are over 150 community associations in Calgary? Join your association and join newsletters in your neighbourhood to become aware of engagement opportunities.
  • Be mindful with the mail: the City of Calgary, City of Airdrie, developers and community associations use snail mail for important notifications. So don’t be too quick to assume things aren’t relevant—read on.
  • Look for updates: development sites are required to post signs when rezoning applications are made. Also, new development permits and plans appear in newspapers on a near weekly basis.
  • Check the City of Calgary online: check out the City online, where invitations to open houses, public information sessions or feedback opportunities are posted all the time.
  • Take part in surveys: for large developments that will affect an entire community, surveys are often sent out to residents for feedback.
  • Consider writing to the government: you may not realize it, but before decisions are final, your opinion helps your representative understand community needs. If you don’t know your ward representative, you can search via community on the City of Calgary website here. Contact information for the City of Airdrie councillors can be found here.
  • Consider launching an appeal: even after a decision is made on a development plan, citizens can launch an appeal with a municipal appeal board.

Another great resource on community and City of Calgary development, is Smarter Growth:

Calgary is one of the fastest growing cities in North America. That can be both good and bad. A smart approach to growth will ensure that we continue to be one of the most livable cities in the world. A recent survey has shown that the majority of Calgarians consider themselves under-informed on issues surrounding our city’s expansion. The Smarter Growth Initiative was established to educate and engage Calgarians in dialogue around trends and issues in urban planning and development. [Smarter Growth]

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