How to make the most of your backyard this summer

Putting a little love into your backyard not only adds resale value, but makes your home more appealing and adds extra living space. With another heat wave here, this summer has given us a lot of beautiful weather, so why not make the most of your yard this summer?

Here’s a few ideas for creating a backyard oasis you’ll want to spend time in:

  • Deck out your deck: make your deck a destination point by adding comfortable furniture and a dining area. If your deck space is large enough, you can even create different areas within the deck: lounge, fire table, dining area, etc.
  • Add a grilling station or outdoor kitchen: not everyone’s yard can accommodate an outdoor kitchen, but with weather like this, you’ll wish you could be outside all day and with an outdoor kitchen you can cook outside too. If you don’t have room for that, ensure you’ve got a great BBQ and grilling station setup.
  • Create privacy: if you are concerned about the lack of privacy in your yard, consider planting some trees along the fence line or adding a pergola.
  • Don’t forget the shade: have the capability to enjoy both sun and shade in your yard by having some movable umbrellas.
  • Bring in comfortable and durable furniture: there are so many options these days when it comes to outdoor furniture, you can essentially create an outdoor living room with the couch designs and loungers available. Hammocks, cushions, couches, love seats—get creative with your furniture and make sure it makes sense for the lifestyle you want to create outside.
  • Add a hot tub: not every yard or deck will be able to accommodate a hot tub or spa, but if it’s in your budget and you have the space, this is an incredible addition to any home. Imagine spending a relaxing night in your outdoor hot tub!
  • Have outdoor lighting: to ensure you can properly enjoy your backyard after the sun goes down, plan your lighting accordingly. Make sure key areas are lit, and check out the variety of options available in terms of style and functionality.
  • Create a fire pit: whether you decide to build a traditional fire pit or have a gas-lit option, a fire pit is a great focal point for summer nights.
  • Make it kid and pet-friendly (if needed): if you have pets or kids, make sure your backyard has some safe areas for them to enjoy as well.

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