How to survive a heat wave without A/C

Alberta has been experiencing one of the hottest summers on record, and with heat wave warnings coming and going for Calgary and area, more sweltering days will be in the forecast. But with hot days and nights, come increased energy usage and having an air conditioner on all the time can mean for a lot of wasted energy and a much higher utility bill.

If you want to stay cool without relying on the A/C unit, here’s some creative ways to survive summer:

  • Switch your sheets: staying cool at night can be as easy as switching your linens. Lighter coloured bedsheets made from cotton are actually more breathable and allow for better air flow. Some lifestyle bloggers even suggest tossing your sheets in the freezer for a few minutes before bed if you’re really feeling desperate.
  • Turn on the fans: open the windows and turn on the fans. Even though you are still using energy to run a fan, the amount of electricity needed is still far less than that of an air conditioner. Especially with air quality low due to looming wildfires, a fan may be your best ally if opening the windows isn’t an option.
  • Drink water before bed: sweating during the night can lead to dehydration which will leave you feeling even worse. Having a glass of water before bed can help you avoid some of the additional heat.
  • Hit the water: a great way to beat the heat during the day is to hit the water. Whether you opt for floating down the river, or dipping into a kiddie pool in the backyard or checking out one of the outdoor pools or spray parks in Calgary and Airdrie, water is your friend!
  • Cold showers: nothing cools off like a cold shower, and you’ll be saving hot water at the same time!
  • Get low: heat rises, so the lower you get in the home, the cooler it will be. Basements will be your best friend for hot days and nights, you may even consider sleeping down there a time or two.
  • Turn off the lights: running your lights is actually creating heat too. If you keep your lights off as often as possible, you may notice a shift in temperature.
  • Stay away from the oven: similar to the last point, cooking inside with the stove is going to increase the temperature in your house to an uncomfortable level. Opt for other options or cook outside on the grill.

If you have other ideas for staying cool without air conditioning, share it with us on social media. And stay on top of the latest weather advisories with the Weather Network.