Partner Profile: Calbridge Homes

A closer look at what to expect from Calbridge Homes

As a long-time builder partner of Genesis Land, Calbridge Homes has brought its high-quality, finely crafted homes to a number of our communities, including The Ridge at Sage Meadows and Sage Hill Crest in northwest Calgary and Bayview in Airdrie.

“We’ve been working with Genesis Land for eight years now, and I think we have such a strong partnership because we share many common values and goals,” says Nicole Heit, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing at Calbridge Homes. “Both companies are dedicated to creating communities that promote sustainable living and a strong sense of belonging.”

Since launching in Calgary in 1978, Calbridge has made it a priority to design and build beautiful, highly functional homes for people at every stage of life, ensuring that prospective homebuyers have options that fit both their needs and their budgets. It’s this kind of thoughtful approach that helps to foster diversity and a sense of inclusivity among neighbours—vital elements when it comes to creating (and maintaining) thriving, welcoming communities.

Of course, a great deal of strategic work goes into envisioning and designing new homes that meet the unique and evolving needs of potential customers. “At Calbridge, we start by creating community and buyer profiles to really understand who is living within the community and home,” explains Heit. “Then we take all of that insight and design a home that feels cohesive with the buyer’s personality and preferences.”

Starting this fall, prospective homebuyers can get a first-hand look at the fruits of Calbridge’s creative process with the opening of Bayview’s Phase 6 show home parade. “So much work goes into designing and planning our show homes, and we’re very excited to open new ones in Bayview,” says Heit.

Launching on September 21st, 2024, the show home parade in Bayview Phase 6 will include two single-family homes by Calbridge, each featuring a brand-new floor plan. “We’ll be showcasing the 1,901-square-foot Irie and the 2,059-square-foot Levi. Both have stunning, open-concept layouts and tons of personality,” says Heit, adding that both models are also capable of hosting a secondary suite if needed. “This option was very important to our team, because we’re seeing tons of demand for these suites in both Calgary and Airdrie.”

In addition to the single-family show homes, Calbridge, along with Genesis Land’s other Bayview builder partners (McKee Homes and Genesis Builders Group) will be showing a townhome model—that’s right, Bayview Phase 6 will include townhomes, which is a first for this community!

Encompassing 1,300 square feet of living space, Calbridge’s townhome offering, the Alloy 20, includes three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms and a double detached garage. “But what makes this model especially appealing for first-time homebuyers is that it comes with no condo fees, a deck, landscaping, an upgraded appliance package and window shades,” says Heit. “Essentially, buyers just need to bring their furniture and they’re ready to go.”

From its new single-family offerings, to its townhome product, to one of its many other home models on offer, the Calbridge team works hard to bring variety and accessibility to buyers in Bayview—and beyond.

“We take great pride in producing quality homes not just in Bayview, but in all of the communities we build in,” says Heit.

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