What are the most popular home features?

We recently ran a focus group to get more insight on the desires of homebuyers, and specifically, what home features are the most desired and most popular. Our findings gave us great information on the home design trends that will shape this year and next, and also great insight on what homebuyers really want in a new home.

Here’s what homebuyers want most, based on our research:

  • Custom storage options: homebuyers have a deep desire to have a say in what their home looks like, wanting control over the style of their home and the ability to add things like storage or an additional bedroom. This approach is what we utilized with our new multi-family development in Ashbury in Calgary’s northeast, offering many personalization options with our Make It Your Own system.
  • Combined architectural style: homebuyers perceive “modern” styles as being associated with more expensive homes, but more importantly, they gravitate towards a combined style approach to home design. The hybrid of choice seems to be “contemporary prairie”, offering unique design with the comfort of prairie home styles. Many of our home designs already incorporate a mixed style approach, but particularly those in Pier 11 of Airdrie as an example.

Architectural and product style is important to all homebuyer participants: most seek out and prefer styles that are somehow different and have a unique feel not commonly seen elsewhere in Calgary. [Genesis research]

  • Fireplaces and storage: two of the most desired features in home shopping proved to be fireplaces and ample storage. Gas fireplaces are more desired, viewed as cleaner and more convenient for homeowners. As for storage, homebuyers are looking for plentiful storage where “everything has a place” and space is not wasted. Most participants mention having more storage and space as one of the primary reasons they want to move to a new home.
  • Innovative style: when it comes to interior design features of homes, our research indicated several things like green technology, practical floorpans and patterns. The majority of our participants desired innovative homes that were unique and had multi-use spaces. When it comes to aesthetics, geometric patterns and shapes like hexagons and herringbone were popular options.
  • Natural light and open space: among the top desires for homebuyers was ample amounts of natural light, as well as open living areas. The natural light feature ties into a similar desire homebuyers have for being connected to the outdoors in some capacity, this was described as being done easily with the use of large windows in living areas.

Our commitment to fulfilling the needs of homebuyers and designing and building innovative homes, is why we continue to conduct research like this. If you’re interested in seeing how input like this helps shapes our homes, check out our website.