What Moves You to Sage Meadows?

Sage Meadows is one of northwest Calgary’s most scenic communities, set against the Symons Valley Nature Reserve. With a network of walking paths, ponds and greenspace in the community’s backyard, Sage Meadows offers a tranquil place to call home, without leaving the city limits of Calgary.

We spoke to two residents who live in Sage Meadows to get their first-hand perspective of why they moved to Sage Meadows and what inspires them in day-to-day life. Here is what they had to say:

Forces of Nature

What initially attracted you to Sage Meadows?

“We were initially attracted to living on greenspace and being close to nature, as well as being connected to bike paths and walking paths. We have a dog and walk him every day, so we wanted to be close to a bike path that was away from traffic and busy streets.” – Nancy, Sage Meadows Resident

What do you love most about Sage Meadows?

“The connection to wildlife is incredible. We can sit on our deck and watch herds of deer go down the valley and see all types of birds fly by. Just yesterday, I was walking our dog and saw a coyote walking down the river and beavers swimming around there. – Nancy, Sage Meadows Resident

Living Your Best Life

What do you and your family like to do together in Sage Meadows?

“We are big cyclists. In Sage Meadows, we discovered that we can ride from our community all the way down to East Village and have a coffee and lunch and hop on our bikes and come back again. It’s a great way to enjoy the city and also be able to come home to the ‘country.’” – Nancy, Sage Meadows Resident

What are three words that you would use to describe Sage Meadows?

“I would describe the community as quiet, convenient and very peaceful.” – Nilavini, Sage Meadows Resident

What makes Sage Meadows unique compared to other communities? 

“Sage Meadows is away from all the traffic — we love the quietness here. There is uniqueness and diversity in the style of homes in Sage Meadows. There is such variety compared to other communities.” – Nilavini, Sage Meadows Resident

Proximity to Perks

What is the access like to amenities?

“There is such a variety of amenities that are all within walking distance including a school, grocery store, gas station, shops and restaurants. It is nice to be very connected to a commercial area, without feeling like we are living in a super busy or over-stimulated neighbourhood.” – Nancy, Sage Meadows Resident

What are the amenities do you use most frequently?  

“Shopping centers and amenities are all very close by — they are about a 3-minute drive away. We use the grocery store, gas station, and gym regularly. The convenience and close proximity to everything we need has been one of the best parts of moving to Sage Meadows.” – Nilavini, Sage Meadows Resident

At Genesis Land, we celebrate what moves you. Watch the video below and experience what Sage Meadows is all about.