What Moves You To Bayside Estates?

Bayside Estates is perhaps best known for its winding canals, charming character homes and manicured streets. But for residents that call Bayside home, there is so much more to this community than just a collection of homes and street names.

We touched base with residents to get a first-hand perspective of what moved them to Bayside Estates and what inspires them daily in their community. Here is what they had to say:

When you were first looking to move to a new community, what attracted you to Bayside?

“I visited friends that live in Bayside a few years ago and absolutely fell in love with the canals, walking paths, how the homes looked, and how the community felt. This is what prompted my family to start looking there.” — Kathryn, Bayside Estates Resident

Why did you decide to move to Airdrie from Calgary?

“Basically, it was the sense of community, the easy access to the schools and the family-friendly way of living that we couldn’t get in Calgary. I travel a lot because of work so the access to the airport is great. Plus, we found Airdrie to be more affordable for our family.” Max, Bayside Estates Resident

What were your primary motivations for moving to a new home?

“We were looking for a bungalow, which is a niche market. We wanted to be close to walking paths and green space, and within walking distance or a short drive away from amenities. Bayside had everything we were looking for. Plus, the streets in Bayside seem a bit wider as well and the community has nice feel. People take care of their homes and landscaping here.” – Kathryn, Bayside Estates Resident

What are three words that you would use to describe your community?

“1. Family would be a big one. 2. Exclusive… It’s a unique area and doesn’t feel like your everyday community. 3. Outdoorsy…. Our community is very active and loves spending time doing outdoor activities.” —Fera, Bayside Estates Resident

Do you feel you have gotten to know your neighbours?

“Absolutely! There has been a dramatic difference living in Airdrie compared to Calgary. In Airdrie, people are friendly and approachable and there is an immediate family feel. Within a week, we had met four or five different neighbours, which was unprecedented from our experience in the city.”— Kathryn, Bayside Estates resident

Are you actively involved in your community?

“Yes! We have definitely made some very good friends with our neighbours in the community. Bayside is unique — you feel that everyone is connected because of the surroundings and outdoor activities. Some of us host BBQs or wine night… everyone is very friendly within the community. The canals really bring people together!” – Fera, Bayside Estates Resident

What makes your community unique?

“The activities that are available right in our backyard. We back onto the canals, so our home is like a retreat. It feels like you are far away from the city even though you are close to everything.” — Fera, Bayside Estates Resident

What amenities do you use in the area?

“Our life revolves around the amenities in Airdrie. We use the Sobeys close by for groceries, Good Life for the gym, Genesis Place for skating and hockey and then the canals and pathways to bike around. We use all the access points we have in Airdrie!” – Max, Bayside Estates Resident

At Genesis Land, we celebrate what moves you. Watch the video below and experience what Bayside Estates is all about.