Where to kick-off your fitness goals in Calgary and Airdrie

Did you have a new year’s resolution to make fitness and health a priority in 2018? If so, you are in luck, because residents of Calgary and Airdrie have two amazing wellness and fitness facilities you should be taking advantage of.

As the naming sponsor for Genesis Place, we were honoured to provide $2-million for the expansion and renovation of the state-of-the-art recreation and fitness facility in Airdrie. Located at 800 East Lake Boulevard in Airdrie, Genesis Place features a 25-metre competitive pool, dive tank, hot tub, leisure pool, tot pool, hot tub and even a waterslide.
Genesis Place is sport-friendly too, with an outdoor athletic field, grandstand and 400- metre running track. Indoors you’ll find two soccer fields and a twin arena. The dryland amenities feature two indoor soccer fields, an indoor track, gymnasiums and dance studios.
The fitness centre is complete with a track and indoor leisure studios. With a number of fitness and aquatic classes available, it’s become a staple in the community. You can find information on their classes, and more about the facility on the City of Airdrie website.


The vision for the Genesis Centre was as a result of a lot of input and brainstorming among community members, residents and partners. The centre is a collaboration between a number of community groups: Calgary Soccer Federation, YMCA, City of Calgary, Calgary Public Library, Genesis Land and the community associations of Martindale, Saddle Ridge and Taradale.

Genesis Centre is home to the Saddletowne YMCA, Calgary Public Library and several other community organizations who utilize the facilities, such as Calgary Sport and Social and several Calgary soccer leagues. In addition to the full complement of fitness, health and recreation services, the complex provides facilities for large cultural events and activities as well as urgently needed indoor and outdoor soccer fields. It also provides access to a range of human and social services.

Genesis Centre opened its doors in January of 2012, and saw over one million visitors in its first year alone, showing the great need for a facility like this in the area. The centre is located at 7555 Falconridge Boulevard NE, right near the community of Saddlestone.